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Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2017

What is Britain’s Healthiest Workplace?

UK employers are failing to adequately invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, which is costing the UK economy £57 billion a year in lost productivity. This is why Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is important.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is the UK’s most comprehensive workplace wellness study. It is a dual survey completed by both employer and employees, therefore offering both a top-down and bottom-up view of the nation’s health. Participating employers will gain a better understanding of the health risks affecting their employees, how these change over time, and their associated health and productivity impact. The research also looks at how organisations, through the workplace, can support their employees to be healthier and more productive, and provides recommendations for improvement.

Since its inception in 2013, over 400 companies and 100 000 employees have taken part in the study. Previous winners include organisations such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Adidas UK, Quintiles and Nomura.

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is credible and rigorous:

Advisory Board
The initiative is overseen by an expert Advisory Board. The Board, chaired by Dame Carol Black, comprises leading figures in the fields of workplace wellness, public health and mental wellbeing. The panel recently welcomed new members: Dr Justin Varney (Public Health England) Professor Sir Cary Cooper (Manchester Business School), and Andrew Jack (the Financial Times) joining existing Board members Dr. Steve Boorman , Professor Steven Bevan , Professor Martin Roland , and Professor Theresa Marteau.

Academic Partners
Analysis and research for Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is conducted by the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe. Our recent research has focused on understanding the modifiable drivers of productivity loss, and how different types of workplace wellness strategies can be used to reduce this loss.

Vitality Age
Britain’s Healthiest Workplace uses VitalityHealth’s Vitality Age measure to compare different types of organisations and employees over time. Vitality Age is a validated measure of a person’s ‘health’ age after adjusting for the impact of lifestyle behaviours and clinical indicators.

What previous winners have to say

Exciting changes for 2016

We are proud to introduce the Financial Times as our new media partner from 2016.

We have chosen a new name, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, to be more inclusive of both public and private sector organisations.

For further insights, download our 2016 brochure here.

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